Frequently asked questions

I want to use your freeware font for commercial business...what do I do?
First of all, send me a mail via Contact or to jakob@pizzadude.dk

I am looking for the [INSERT FONT NAME] font, but can't find it at your page?
Not all of my fonts are at pizzadude.dk - but take a look at MyFonts for my shareware fonts or DaFont for my freeware fonts

I downloaded a DEMO font, but some letters are missing!?
DEMO fonts are a simplified version of my shareware fonts. The DEMO fonts usually misses things such as kerning, alternate letters, ligatures and other special characters. Get the FULL version to get all these cool features and the rights to use the DEMO fonts commercially

How do I use the fonts?
In order to use a font in an application, you will need to install it - see more at DaFont

What kind of license do I need?
I really have no idea, but luckily you are the expert!
Learn more here: Nickname (this is a very popular font of mine, click the link and read about the different licenses available)

I came here looking for the freeware fonts...but I can't find it!?
Take a look at DaFont or 1001Fonts - here you will find hundreds of my freeware fonts!

What's up with the name "pizzadude" - has it anything to do with pizza?
Please read the About page