Gutter Pigeon is not your every-day Ransom-kind-of-font! The prices of making it was really simple: I only used my phone and computer. I took pictures of letter from newspapers, magazines, bookcovers, candybars, movieposters, roadsigns, etc. In the beginning, It was easy to find new letters. But as I had the initial letters, it became quite a search for the missing letters. Not a hard job, you may think - but this font has 8 different versions of each letter! That’s 26 lowercase glyphs and 26 uppercase glyphs…8 times! That’s more than 400 glyphs! And on top of that comes numbers and punctuation! Go crazy with Gutter Pigeon! Actually, that is not very hard, because the font automatically cycles through the 8 different versions of each letter while you type! Upper- and lowercase in a wild mix!