Jakob Fischer (aka pizzadude) has been making fonts since late 1998.

I live in Copenhagen, Denmark, where I spend most of my spare time messing around with fonts and drawings.

The name “pizzadude” comes from the movie “The ‘burbs” from 1989, starring Tom Hanks. At a point in the movie, the character Ricky Butler (played by Corey Feldman) cries out “But I just called the pizzadude!” – we all laughed at that, and I instantly knew that I was going to use the name “pizzadude” for something. That something, at first, was when hooking up with friends, playing “Quake” … but as I started making fonts, the name suited me perfect!
The style of pizzadude has always been inspired by graffiti and comics, and has had a loose and goofy appearance. However, as time passed, both inspiration and approach seem to have come from the environment and organic products.
The fonts of pizzadude have been spotted all over the world and have been used by restaurants, sport clubs, stores and TV shows and have been used for book covers, toys and even tattoos!

Besides making fonts, I am an avid runner. I have have completed more than 100 marathons, and I even enjoys ultra runs (50+ KM). But spending more time messing around with fonts, has made me cut down the yearly rate of marathons to about 12, plus at least 2 ultra runs.
It’s a tradition for me to participate in the Copenhagen Marathon. You are welcome to come run with me (and hundreds of others), and see the beautiful city of Copenhagen from another point of view! 🙂

Besides making fonts and running, I am working full time as a kindergarten teacher. I teach kids aged 3-6 years, and I absolutely love it. Actually, they are a great influence on my work, and I couldn’t imagine doing anything else! Hopefully the kids benefit from my quirky fantasy and imagination!

Thanks for listening to me, now go browsing some fonts! 🙂