is a “one-man-band” with Jakob Fischer doing all the fonting and webdesign! I am located in Copenhagen, Denmark, and that’s where the “.dk” comes from!

You may ask yourself: “pizzadude – what a weird name…your site obviously has got nothing to do with pizza?!?!”
Well, when I started making fonts, I needed a name that would stick out and fit my crazy and laid back style. I remembered Corey Feldman in the Tom Hanks film “The ‘burbs” saying “but I just called the pizzadude!”
I found that name weird enough for me, and in time I got to like it. Now, 40-something, I still like the name – in some way, I have become “the” pizzadude. But people are still confused with the name, thinking that I am making pizzas! 🙂

Since 1998 I have made about 400 freeware fonts (and counting!). In late 2002 I decided to do commercial fonts, but still do freeware fonts now and then. As of January 2015, I have made 200-something shareware fonts, and I continue to quirk out new designs all the time!

The style of is, and has always been, loose, laid-back and goofy, which especially comes to expression through the dingbats and the unique handmade fonts. Don’t expect me do re-do Times New Roman or Futura! It’s obviously not my thing! But respect goes out to the designers who make those geometric, mathematically beautiful fonts! 😉
Chances are that you’ve seen some pizzadude fonts in action. The fonts have been used by people all over the world for cd’s, stickers, candy, toys, clothing, shop signs and even tattoos! You name it, they’ve been there!

Besides making fonts, I am an avid runner. I have run more than 100 marathons and a good handful of ultraruns, and sometimes I even get great ideas while running. Some of them even including new font ideas! Check out my running page at – it’s in danish, but you’ll get the idea!
And when I am not running or making fonts, I work as a kindergarten teacher with kids aged 3-6!

I hope you have a great time browsing the fonts and remember to tell everyone you know about Please consider joining my fanpage at Facebook.


Have a great day!

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